All Things Lily

Monumental week. Monumental weekend. It’s not often I share my feels publicly. The ringing of the NYSE opening bell (with the stunning, generous and kind @marciadorsey) was unimagined and unexpected. My goal when I built the Lilybelle flower cart was to have flowers in a plaza with orange chairs and phenomenal light, especially between the hours of 2 and 4 p.m. I wanted pretty on top of pretty on top of pretty. Simple. Accessible. The personification of life.

Then I met Jack. JACK. On a Friday, May 29th, 2009. He wore a grey suit – tailored. He purchased succulents and sunflowers. He smiled. I smiled. And the course of that cart changed – instantly.

Oh! The people I met. At the time, before it was given it’s proper name (Square) people who were tapped into tech appeared simply for me to sell them pretty, swipe their card and receive an email with information and details about the purchase. Fascinating! It’s the norm in 2015, but in 2009 – to look at your map on your phone telling you “this happened here” and a greater interpretation for me, “pretty happened here” – it was impressive. I was delighted. Going to the Flower Market in the morning, making my way to Mint Plaza, I felt golden and gorgeous. Perhaps it was the coffee we consumed or the food we ate (54 Mint, Thermidor, Chez Papa) or the glorious light – all of us -in that plaza were shiny, sexy, sparkly -the sensation your skin feels when everything is just right.

Thanksgiving is a few days away – my favorite holiday. I know I will be at the table, happy to be in the presence of people I love and share my gratitude for that beautiful, serendipitous Friday afternoon. To be moved by their stories, their love and their support during one of the most remarkable, challenging and transformational periods of my life. And I am grateful for that lovely day in May when I met a man whom to this day continues to be a source of inspiration, joy and wonderment.

Much love and congratulations to everyone at Square. I am always impressed by and grateful for your care and dedication to all things Lilybelle and me.

Happy Thanksgiving. Eat well. And love.