Lilybelle is a floral operation specializing in unique floral and foliage design. Our mission is to inspire the best expression of any event, occasion or sentiment with flowers. Inspired by open markets in Paris, the Lilybelle Flower Stand found it’s home in Mint Plaza, one of San Francisco’s newest open public space. Bordered by the historic Old Mint, the Plaza lends itself to enchanted, serendipitous moments filled with dance, festivals and live music. Like the Plaza,  the stand is a place to tap into, connect and share the beauty within.

Cheri Mims is passionate about flowers and what they represent. Flowers provide the ability to express a feeling when the right words aren’t present. Cheri has been in flowers for many years. She began working with flowers when she was 16, decorating floats for the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California.

While in New York City, Cheri held four retail flower shops on the Upper West Side, on Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues, along with growing the flowers sold in the stores at the farm in Bridgehampton.

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